Clean and sober homes - Transitional living homes - Group Homes.

Clean and Sober - Are you looking for the great clean and sober place to live, our transitional living homes or Group Homes are one of the best of the Central Valley in California - Life is great when you are happy! We have the best clean and sober homes - Our room and board independent living program is helping many people every day. Art and Laura goal is to make everyone happy. Clean, safe, plenty good food and friendship!!

My Angel Homes
“Room and Board”

Clean and sober homes
Help each other and help for all soon will come from the All Mighty, when we all are one big family!!

For more Information, please call:
(209 ) 534 – 9415   Ask for Art or Laura.
$550 includes food, bills, phone, rent and more.


Welcome to my Angel homes clean and sober homes " Room and Board Services", we are located in Modesto Ca, we give thanks to all those great people helping people have a better life and helping them on having a better and happier life, thanks to: Modesto Payee services, Turlock payee services, Stockton payee services, Oakdale Payee services, to all payee services helping people.


Who we are:

My Angel “Room and Board” Homes
 Is a establishment that helps people with housing and food needs, highly functional individuals attain fundamental independence. We have a great room for rent program, you share, you save.My Angel Homes uses a room and board proven program, that provides guidance for these  individuals and their special needs.My Angel Homes, is different in a great way, from any other in the “Room & Board Industry”, because we are NOT a “Board and Care”. We have in place a great proven system, that it’s  purpose is toward servicing people with needs of housing and food, with a chance to practice their independent living skills.

We believe, Life is great when you are happy!
E-mail:  Phone 209-5349415

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Sweet Home is what we all need!

Clean and Sober Homes *We all need to have a nice, safe, happy and warm   place for our home, we open our arms and doors to welcome anyone who needs or wants to have the feeling of a good home.
*When you think that others do not want to help you, we are here ready to help anybody  who wants to be helped.
* Stop feeling like no one cares about you.
 *We understand what you want and what is going to make you and your family happy.It is easy, please contact us.
We care and we are here ready to help !
       My Angel Homes
            “ Room and Board”
             ( 209 ) – 534 – 9415

Here is one of our homes and kitchen

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What We Are.
My Angel Homes

Includes most necessities in the monthly  rent, putting stop to most of the monthly living expenses, such as:
-Utilities bills (Gas, electricity, water).
-Food expenses.
-Home phone bills.
-Cable Bill.
-Laundry bills. (We provide detergent)

Residents are independent, they make their  own schedules. They coordinate and arrange their own medical and dental appointments, as well as taking responsibilities for their
own medications. Always they prepare their own meals while monitoring their own food intake and special diets. They take care of their personal hygiene, do their own laundry and are responsible for their own money and property. There is no authoritarian atmosphere in our homes, we feel that when everybody feels responsible of their own, having freedom inside  a good happy home environment, their independent skills grow and self confidence too.
Every home is a safe drug free environment. In addition we provide in each home:

My Angel Room and Board Homes.
We are looking for friends, do you want to be our friend?

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What you need is:The first thing that each resident needs, is a desire to improve themselves, to realize that life is better when you are happy, when you reach your goals, when you are in harmony with others, when you move tours the purpose of your life.
My Angel Homes, will be providing the opportunity to get back on the right track and gain fundamental independence. My Angel Homes makes feels all the residences as living in their own home, with pride and happiness, each one calls it sweet home.
“Not just a place to stay, but a place that can be call home”

Your Expectations:
* No credit checks.
* A clean, safe and comfortable living home.
* Furnished Rooms. * A house manager on-Site.

What is included:
The monthly rent of $550 includes:
- Utilities (Electric, gas, water, & garbage)
- Phone receiving and calling out.
- Cable TV and color TV in each room.
- Three meals a day and fresh fruit snacks.
   Even prices in food are very high now, we
   provide nutrients meals, red meat, chicken,  
   fish, fruits, vegetables, milk, cereals, etc.

 - Cleaning and laundry supplies are provided.
- Laundry facility is on the premises.
- No personal hygiene items are provided.

My Angel Room and Board Homes
We have discovered that if you do not force control, rather encourage them toward self-reliance and self discipline, the results for independent living skills, get faster and better in short time.
We all are a big happy friendly family.

Addiction Recovery - sober living homes

My Angel Homes – Room and Board.
Art & Laura (209)534-9415


Pay to: Call for instructions

Mail to: Please call for address 209-534-9415


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